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Forever & forevermore: The arise & rebirth of beloved 80’s goth culture

by BrandonWisch
As resurrected from what was believed to be continued nevermore, a new wave of gothic revival has been implemented in current club culture and in various other underground scenes. With a recent influx in popularity, the once predominately countercture idealism has found its way seeping into mainstream media. As any old school electro-head or goth […]

Mandalay Bay Massacre: : What happened and what to expect from here

by BrandonWisch
A lone gunman showers concertgoers attending “Route 91 Harvest Festival” with a barrage of gunfire killing at least 59 attendees and leaving another 527 wounded shortly after 10pm Sunday night on the Las Vegas strip, abruptly ending a night of country music with sheer chaos and terror as spectators trample one another in attempt to […]