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FlySiifu Releases New EP, “$mokebreak”

by Maddy Ipema
FlySiifu have completely abandoned the stereotypical idea of what we picture people conversing about while sharing a joint – filled to the brim with laughter, silly-philosophical revelations about the world being shared. People are either passed out sleeping, or posted up on the couch and locked into its crevices.  FlySiifu were most definitely locked in […]

Smartbomb Oakland’s Third Video Home System Episode Features a Transcendent Music Set by Liv.e

by Maddy Ipema
If you haven’t been tuning into SmartBomb Oakland’s video home system series, especially during this current lifeless Quarantine, you are without a doubt missing out! Smartbomb Oakland is a California based community and music platform – where they have cultivated a series that they call “Video Home System.” These video home system episodes each feature […]

Pink Siifu, Fly Anakin and Liv.e Come Together to Get Their “Mind Right”

by Maddy Ipema
MC’s Pink Siifu and Fly Anakin spit and slur on the hook, “ I got my mind right, money right, ready for you.” Their nostalgic, dazed and loopy drawl is the focal point behind their new single, “Mind Right.” The visuals that accompany the single and the timeless mood it evokes all lead directly to […]

Hot Jazz Can’t Be Stopped

by Julia Colasanti
Sometimes it’s the notes that jump off one another giving you no choice but to tap your toe. Other times, it’s Ella Fitzgerald’s slip n’ slide voice that feels potent and omnipresent, like a perfume you can’t get out of your nose. Or maybe it’s just the calming music in the coffee shop that transforms […]

The Rise of Gibbs

by Eric Hendrix
There has been an argument around the state of Hip Hop and Rap recently. Concerns with where the importance of the genre is being placed right now have been raised. Is the focus on the lyrics and subject matter or is the focus on the sound and production quality? This is an argument I see […]

Solange Surprises with “When I Get Home”

by channaweird
Last week, Twitter was in shock as they discovered that Solange had took to social networking site,, to tease her new album. Solange created her own page, which features different promotional images for the new album, When I Get Home. The images have her in a western-themed setting, wearing cowboy boots, body makeup, and […]