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Distraction or Despair: That Is the Question

by Darlene
With all the craziness going on around the world you might have missed out on the recent release from My Chemical Romance’s Gerard Way. Gerard Way discussed how he’s recorded music over time that he has not yet released but has intentions on doing so. The songs are mostly short snippets, and a great tease […]

My Chemical Romance Unfairly Blamed for Cancellation

by Darlene
My Chemical Romance (MCR) announced that their upcoming New Zealand tour date has been postponed, as well as their Download Festival Australia performances. My Chemical Romance made the official announcement on their social media. Download Festival had been scheduled to play out next week with them being at Melbourne March 20 and at Sydney on […]

Thirteen Years of The Black Parade

by MackenzieTempleton
One of this generation’s greatest concept records and rock operas is officially a teenager, and is probably filled with more angst and anger than ever.  After witnessing the tragic events of 9/11, frontman Gerard Way founded My Chemical Romance and took the rock scene by storm.  They gained success and popularity with the release of […]

My Chemical Romance Announces Comeback

by Darlene
My Chemical Romance just announced their first tour date after splitting up in March of 2013. Their reunion has sparked many fans of the group to gush in excitement over their reunion. It started off when fans realized that they created an Instagram and posted hints of their return. Shortly after, they confirmed the return […]