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What Happened to Progressive Rock?

by Jesse Drake
It was the sound of a generation. It was a scene of vibrating rock concertos taking place in arenas packed with thousands of psychedelic drug induced college kids who would later grow up to be our boring suburban parents, partly explaining its disappearance. The counter culture generation, who wrote songs about escaping war mongering and […]

So you hire a DJ and get arrested…What do you do?

by Felipe Villa
So this guy is coming from Europe to play at an African Music Festival in Tunisia, and it’s the usual DJ business you know: fly in, play some good tunes, connect with the audience, and fly out – well, the connection with the audience didn’t go very well. Berlin Based DJ Dax J was feeling himself […]

Call Me Crazy…

by Ashley Eyes
The fact that I traveled a few hundred miles, leaving my two precious cats behind, coughing up good money to go to a festival in hopes of hearing a handful of sets by artists I love, must make me nuts. Why? You may wonder. More and more often I find myself experiencing moments of dread […]