So you hire a DJ and get arrested…What do you do?

So this guy is coming from Europe to play at an African Music Festival in Tunisia, and it’s the usual DJ business you know: fly in, play some good tunes, connect with the audience, and fly out – well, the connection with the audience didn’t go very well.

Berlin Based DJ Dax J was feeling himself so much and getting down that he decided to turn it up a notch and mix in some local music; you know pretty standard stuff. Turns out the song bit he played was a religious prayer song and the crowd really didn’t know how to react or feel about it. Apparently the place got shut down, the DJ received death threats, people got arrested, so a bunch of mumbo jumbo just because of some mixing. It even got to the point where he was sentenced to ‘six months for public indecency and six months for offending public morality’, said Ylyes Miladi, a spokesman of a court in the nearby town of Grombalia” [resource Metro.UK]

The Tunisian Ministry of Religious Affairs condemned his actions, saying he had “mocked the opinions and religious principles” of Tunisians, which was “absolutely not acceptable.”

First off, I’m not a DJ and I don’t speak for any DJs out there, but if I were spinning at a music festival, playing “Jesus died on the cross for me” isn’t really gonna turn me the fuck up.

Second, for all we know, this guy was just out and about on one of his DJ adventures and got introduced to a new song he liked. He’s loving it, but nobody tells him it’s religiously sacred so the poor guy goes out on stage and makes a scene.

Third, as an independent contractor shouldn’t you do a little more research on the music you decide to play before you go put on a show you’re getting paid for in front of a LIVE audience?

The questions and statements are many, but the real “hot enchilada” of the matter is the question: should you really get arrested for your art if there is no physical harm being caused to the public? I mean I’ve seen public perversions of human society passed off as art with no legal consequence. That thought would lead you to try to understand the laws and culture of a place where someone could get arrested for their art.

This doesn’t just go for places in Africa, there are accounts of people playing music in the streets of Cuba and getting in legal trouble for it. In places like North Korea or the Middle East, you can get prosecuted for making a Heavy Metal band. It’s beautiful to see the world growing up and maturing to the point where we won’t let verbal expression get to our egos and destroy celebration. Simply put, if you don’t like a show, walk away or fire them but don’t go incarcerating people for these kinds of things.

In the end, DJ Jax J can officially say his beats shut down the club xD Check out the tune in the video provided!

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