Beautiful Oblivion – Album Review

Since the self-titled release back in 2014, Issues has been killing it, especially since growing a reputation with their unique blend of metalcore and R&B. Beautiful Oblivion, their latest album, is a great addition to their collection of work. Tyler Carter’s voice goes well with the playful and unique sound of every song in the album.

Every song is distinct from the previous. The songs “Here’s to You,” “Find Forever,” and “Get it Right” all have a much softer alt-pop feel which is accompanied by Carter’s more soulful voice. All of those songs are equally upbeat and energetic. “Find Forever,” in particular, is extremely catchy.

Without You” has continuous guitar riffs that are blatant and noticeable, but despite the “rock-feel” it is extremely pop and upbeat. “Your Sake,” a complete 180 from the rest of the album, is a post-breakup song. It is slow, soulful and definitely a turn-in-the-mood from the previous songs. It is the only ballad on the album, but it is one with a positive message hidden in there.

“Flexin” was very different. It is about flexing but for all the wrong reasons. It is hilarious commentary on how people flex online about what they “have” despite not being financially stable. Although it is relatively catchy, it isn’t the best song in the album. An easy skip.

The closing song “Beautiful Oblivion” is more reminiscent of what they’re known for (along with “Tapping Out”). It is backed by the heavy guitar and belting that their fans have grown to love. “Beautiful Oblivion” seems to encompass their love for their new experimental style.

“I’m in love with the rhythm
In love with the rhythm
Beautiful oblivion

Think I found my cloud nine “

Beautiful Oblivion

As time passes it seems like genre continuously becomes more and more blurred. People are deviating from their initial start and experimenting. Beautiful Oblivion and Issues both do that effortlessly. Despite being originally known for their belting screams and harder guitar they’ve successfully transitioned into more of an alternative-pop group. They’re much more focused on their beats, soul, and the fusion of pop, r&b and rock. A fusion of styles seems to be their happy place.

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