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So you hire a DJ and get arrested…What do you do?

by Felipe Villa
So this guy is coming from Europe to play at an African Music Festival in Tunisia, and it’s the usual DJ business you know: fly in, play some good tunes, connect with the audience, and fly out – well, the connection with the audience didn’t go very well. Berlin Based DJ Dax J was feeling himself […]

April Grooves 2 Photos and Review

by Felipe Villa
  April Grooves 2: Night Rider Productions 4-30-2016 Last weekend, Pure Nightclub got hit with the 2nd Annual April Grooves celebration. The place was filled with electronic dance music ranging from drum and bass, dubstep, trap, electro house to hardstyle. The two floors of sound with professional lighting and musical talent coming from all over Chicago […]


Freestyle Friday is coming back

by Felipe Villa
The Irony is that too little people actually do freestyle anymore and even fewer are actually good at it (no offense). Freestyle may be a dying art that doesn’t get the respect and attention it deserves. Everyone wants to be so proper, formulated, correct in their music so that it is automatically accepted with no […]

Jurassic Park Photos 9.5.15

by Felipe Villa
Deep in the intestines of Chicago, real heavy underground metal was getting slaughtered left and right, banging loud for the whole neighborhood to listen. It’s extremely comforting to know you can still find places like these in the Midwest, where real, uncut talent still lives and practices. Participating was So the Suffering, Triumph Over Shipwreck, Roots […]

Photo credit: CBS Detroit

The Church of Satan and Music Festivals

by Felipe Villa
  Recently in the light of the unveiling of a satanic statue I’ve been urged to make this article to express my own opinion on organized religion and the personal spiritual experiences I’ve had with my ego and spirit. Why the church of Satan? If you are unaware, recently a statue honoring the demonic figure […]

Don’t Be Hating

by Felipe Villa
People get really picky and egocentric when around large groups of people and it really puts a downer on the overall experience of an event. A lot of times you will hear critics give feedback that can discourage you from enjoying yourself and give you negative information that can lead you to the wrong choices in […]