Don’t Be Hating

People get really picky and egocentric when around large groups of people and it really puts a downer on the overall experience of an event. A lot of times you will hear critics give feedback that can discourage you from enjoying yourself and give you negative information that can lead you to the wrong choices in your festival experience.

You need to understand there are different aspects to a festival, like the art and social side, and many people get too consumed from the social side and let their ego keep them from enjoying the art, the music, and the show. You will hear many different things about the festival you’re going to, but in reality you should pay attention the challenges the producers of the event had to face. Everything inside these events take a big team of organized people to construct and provide an awesome experience for you to have. Hard work goes into to it, not only from the festival staff but all the way to public and private businesses like hotels, restaurants, bars, clubs, taxis, hospitals, emergency first responders, and anything else you can think of.

People criticize saying that it is all for profit and to get someone rich, but organizing and being responsible for events on such a massive scale that take over whole cities and nations is very STRESSFUL! If you want to keep most events like these alive it must make a profit to keep everyone involved in the production of it interested in the success of the final product. But you, the consumer, needs to know what to look for in this product and that starts by asking yourself: What do you really want from this experience? When you finally understand what you want is when you can have more ease picking an event for yourself and enjoy it better without having to try.

Always appreciate and be grateful for the services you are provided by the company you choose, you have no idea how expensive it is to provide everything to you so that you can conveniently buy a ticket to experience it all. Sure, times are hard in the economy, but that’s why you work hard to provide yourself with the ability and cash to experience something like this, and if you’re gifted the opportunity do not waste it. Some people like to complain about life in general and they will go as far as to complain about there being no free water when there are plenty of free ammenities given to you like dozens upon dozens of free porta-potties. If the event does provide good, clean, and free water WOW that is great and you should really thank them for that since not everyone is fortunate enough to do so.

Enjoy the show and realize what good you can do by bringing the best positive energy to this massive assembly of living beings all pouring their time and wealth into one final outcome. It comes down to you, the individual to behave and respect others around you so that you can enjoy you self how you love to without harming others, only then will we all be able to enjoy the outcome of a good event and separate the bad ones from the rest.

And if you really do not like a particular festival you’ve experienced you don’t buy it and don’t go back.

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