12 Artists to Discover at Spring Awakening 2019

Hoffman Estates will experience Spring Awakening Music Festival from June 7 to June 9. EDM fans have flocked to the SAMF stages since 2012 to enjoy sets from all the biggest names in electronic music. But what about the smaller acts?

This year, the three-day festival is packing more than 100 names on its lineup, with more yet to be announced. There are tons of talented artists big and small playing this year’s festival. So who should you check out while you’re waiting for your favorite DJ to take the stage?

We’ve taken the guesswork out of this year’s fest planning with this list of 12 lesser-known DJs that you don’t want to miss at the 12th annual Spring Awakening Music Festival.


1. Audien


Polished, powerful, and on the rise, Audien might be the name that’s been coasting just under your radar. Well not anymore! Once you listen to songs like “Favorite Sound” and “Never Letting Go,” you’ll be running for the gates of the Audien fan club. Whether you prefer losing your mind in the mosh pits, or bobbing your head from the comfort of your safe-distance-away blanket, I think anyone can enjoy this artist’s work to set an amazing vibe to the weekend.

2. Jason Ross

This EDM mastermind is only getting bigger. After a productive 2018 that saw the release of several new tracks like “Into You,” “Oceans,” and “Sirens,” Ross has quickly become an artist to watch. You’d be wise to catch his set at this year’s SAMF.

3. Golf Clap

house music duo from Detroit. Been shaking it up since 2013. They’ve got a clean and crisp sound that sticks to traditional house standards while shining with its own unique energy. Golf Clap knows the way to any dance floor’s heart. Songs like 2018’s “Bossa Novaand this year’s “Demo Tapes” feature cosmic sounds and fun samples over thumping rave-worthy beats.

Shiba San

4. Shiba San

Inspired by the booming house scene of the great city of Chicago, this Parisian producer left the French disco life behind. Back in 2014, this guy gave us “Okay,” a song that Magnetic Magazine says earned him his “…international fame in house music.” His beats fueled a 15-year-long career in France, and he’s proven that his sounds are worth their weight in euros, or, pounds, or… snails? Whatever they use in France.


Alex Kislov

5. Alex Kislov

Feel the warmth of spring wash over you as you lose yourself in the sounds of songs like “Mystery” and “Moments.” Kislov’s work is catchy and dynamic. No two songs are alike. His remix of House of the Rising Sun will give you goosebumps.

6. G Jones

For a guy with fewer than one million monthly listeners on Spotify, Jones has garnered some impressive compliments throughout his career. He’s been hailed as a “studio wizard” by Rolling Stone Magazine and called “the most gifted Ableton beat maker” by musicians he’s worked with. Do yourself a serious favor and check out his song “Krabby Patty Secret Formula” on SoundCloud, then head over to his Spotify account for more great tunes.

7. Birthdayy Partyy

These Chicago twins love jumping easily from genre to genre, they even seem to do it within the same song. One minute you think you’re in a tropical house vacation home, waves lapping at your toes, then you’re getting face-blasted in the best way by a jetstream of drums and bass. (That’s right, I said face-blasted) If you haven’t heard them yet, please, let brothers Bryan and Jon Gorecki break you out of your winter blues. I promise theirs will be one of the best sets Saturday.

8. Spag Heddy

A Spag Heddy song hits the spot like your mom’s famous meatballs. What I mean is, it comes out steaming, slowly simmering on the table. Then, when you go to take your first bite WHAM! It hits you with the full, savory, delicious flavor. If that metaphor sounds a bit confusing, just take a listen to Heddy’s 2017 song “Permanent” or this year’s effort “Noodle Neck” featuring “Chef” Rico Act. Maybe don’t listen when your mom’s in the room. It’s EDM with a sense of humor and plenty of spice. What-a more could-a you want-a!? (Relax, I can say it, I’m Italian.)

A Past Spring Awakening



Joseph Chung and Joseph Abella of ARMNHMR

I’m a sucker for the melodic, sprawling sounds of artists like ARMNHMR. If you’re looking for someone to take you on a musical journey at this year’s Spring Awakening, look no further than LA duo Joseph Chung & Joseph Abella. BONUS: They have really cool album artwork too

10. Latmu

Another House wizkid, Latmun has the addictive beats to keep you grooving all through Sunday. Layers on songs like “Cosmic” flow effortlessly into one another. It’s all too easy to lose yourself in the rhythm and forget exactly how you got there, or why you’d ever want to get out.

11. Luttrell

So we’ve talked about some house music, but where my techno fans at? Techno fans, Luttrell. Luttrell, techno fans. Luttrell has worked with Moby and What So Not to create some stellar sounds over the years. He’s performed all around the globe and this summer he’ll be spinning a Sunday set at Spring Awakening. Don’t miss out on some truly transcendent techno.

12. Swayló

If by Sunday you’re still in the mood for fun, and you’re not afraid to explore new territory, I recommend Swayló. His unforgettable sound has been shaped by his Mexican and African roots. I promise you’ll be glad you stopped to hear him spin tracks like Desert Flower and “Ancient Forest” will be worth your time. He’s sure to deliver one of the most exciting sets at this year’s fest.

Hope this list helps you have the best Spring Awakening experience possible. Be on the lookout for Red Roll’s official SAMF 2019 Spotify Playlist out soon!

We want to know: who are you most excited to see at this year’s festival?
Check out the full lineup below!

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