Jurassic Park Photos 9.5.15

Deep in the intestines of Chicago, real heavy underground metal was getting slaughtered left and right, banging loud for the whole neighborhood to listen. It’s extremely comforting to know you can still find places like these in the Midwest, where real, uncut talent still lives and practices. Participating was So the Suffering, Triumph Over Shipwreck, Roots Like Mountains, Pig Champion, Through and ThroughPerpetual Defilement, Sermos, Limited Wisdom, Breaker, Tamakazi and PropaYanga. These bands did great and have a lot to offer when it comes to underground talent here in the Midwest.

The staff and owners of Jurassic Park were welcoming and professional, the sculpture artist is really cool too. If you go to the back there is a park with dino sculptures its very unique and adds to the experience.

The promoters thank everyone for attending and giving it the best, events like these need to continue in Chicagoland.

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