Freestyle Friday is coming back

The Irony is that too little people actually do freestyle anymore and even fewer are actually good at it (no offense).

Freestyle may be a dying art that doesn’t get the respect and attention it deserves. Everyone wants to be so proper, formulated, correct in their music so that it is automatically accepted with no risk of dislike. Freestyle comes unaccepted and just straight from the top spit it out and let it go where it leads no one knows, but in all seriousness the music industry is suffering. Our radio and TV waves used to be filled with unbelievably great original talent until the greed of man sucked every last bit then replaced it with garbage to continue the greed and don’t even get me started on the internet. Now it seems desperate as if the artist needs automatic popularity to succeed so they put out easy hooks and effects sometimes with even no skill effort at all. They don’t want to risk the outcome and instead go with something that will get the same result, honestly this is due to the pressure of their peers and audience.

What really saddens me is when the crowd is the one to spit back and rebel against freestyling, I’ve seen people get angry and up in arms when a band or the DJ experiment maybe even throw in a little teaser joke in there. It is really frustrating to see the audience do that because it ends up preventing your favorite artists from exploring into something totally new you might love. Gladly when it is something that you are not feeling and it’s not the best of quality then respectfully deny it but don’t go on rejecting it with ignorance. The whole reason why there are new genres and styles is because of Freestyle, it is what separates the musician from the artist, one who replicates and one who creates this is made to encourage and inspire new artists who will bring us newer things to enjoy.

At first I was going to shame and go on a rant about all the terrible awful songs I’ve heard in my lifetime but what point would it do saying Freestyle is dead? Instead I’m saying Freestyle ain’t coming back because it’s been here for years and it’s going to keep going. If you get sound block then just wing it go straight from the top of the dome and work on it, of course it is not going to make sense at first or it may not even sound good at all but after all the practice it will be a perfect trait that you know how to freestyle. Back then in the older days especially before the rise of electronics in the music industry if you didn’t know how to spit it from the top you would get smoked in battles and I’m talking about back in the Motown days and further. You had to bring you’re “A” game in order to prove you and your group had talent that was worth a record deal, now with cheaper easier technology and easy access to audiences through social media anyone can broadcast their selves to the world. Our anxious self esteem attitude for social acceptance that we get with this new social media connection is the one responsible for super jacked mainstream sounds but it is going to stop with you.

There is an artist out there who needs to read this because they came to a block and want to go down that horribly rigid road with no imagination or creativity and cheap acceptance byt first you must ask yourself are you ready to live a life with no Funk and Soul as rigid as a bread stick? This article itself was improvised I seriously kept coming to a block and getting frustrated until I just relaxed, reset and dove in, now I want to keep talking about the Art and it’s history like when Marshal Mathers first came out as Eminem and they thought he was going to get destroyed Boy were they wrong. And then I want to get into the creation of rap back in the funk freestyle days of the early 70s then 60s late 50s man if it wasn’t for freestlye in the blues you wouldn’t have rock n roll the list just goes on. But yes be happy because Freestyle is going to grow again and very rapidly thanks to you the new generation because you are going to put our music to shame with better more creative and enjoyable sounds. (:

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