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The Top 10 Recent Releases of Quarantine

by Marissa Bachrach
As musicians and fans alike spend more time in self isolation, many artists have been continuing to release music. Some artists, like HAIM, are releasing pre-recorded music in preparation for upcoming albums. Other artists, like Still Woozy, have been mixing music from the comfort of their homes to cure their boredom. Whether it’s a surprise […]
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April Will Shower Us With New Albums

by Sarah Roberts
The month of April is associated with the saying, “April showers bring May flowers,” but I’m here to tell you that April won’t just bring down some water from the clouds– it will rain album releases. The first Friday of April will yield 11 album releases. 3 NOTABLE ALBUMS FOR 4/3 1. Arizona artist, Alec […]

Check out These Five New Songs

by Marissa Bachrach
This past weekend, several artists released new albums and singles that we’re super excited about. Here are five new songs released this past weekend that everyone should listen to: 1. “After Hours” – The Weeknd This new The Weeknd song has the same pop beat you’d expect from most of his music, but the build-up […]

What’s Going on with Lollapalooza 2019?

by stephescobar8
Lollapalooza 4-Day tickets went on sale yesterday. These past two years Lollapalooza has not sold-out their 4-Day passes on the same day they’ve gone on sale. The Chicago Tribune claim that the slow down of sales could be due to the incident in Las Vegas where a mass shooter killed 50 individuals at Route 91 […]