Chicago To Be Home Of EDC 2015?

Rumors have been circulating around that Chicago may be the home of the popular Electric Daisy Carnival, a 3 day Electronic Dance Music festival held in various locations around the world. EDC 2013 was held in Joliet at the Chicagoland Speedway, however it did not return in 2014 due to revenue conflicts with the venue.

But hopes are high for an EDC Chicago 2015. Rumor has it that Insomniac, the creators of EDC, invested into the renovation of Northerly Island, a 91 acre peninsula that juts into Lake Michigan. The southern 40 acres of the island are under construction and is not accessible to the public, and the renovations may just be all part of Insomniac’s plan for another year here in Chicago.

Pasquale Rotella, the CEO of Insomniac, released a statement in his Reddit AMA that said:

EDC Chicago didn’t happen this year (2014) because we didn’t have a venue. We lost our ass financially with EDC Chicago 2013 being so far out. I’m all for investing and building up something to fit our needs, but this was such a loss that we couldn’t afford to do it again. We are looking for a venue that’s closer to the city, or further away but more affordable.


The concert amphitheater on the island, FirstMerit Bank Pavilion is operated by Live Nation Entertainment, a partner of Insomniac Events.  The amphitheater features a 30,000 person capacity. EDC Joliet also had a capacity of 30,000, however capacity was never reached throughout the festival in 2013. Chicago’s Park District’s website says the following about the ampitheater:

The 2013 season brought a variety of improvements and expansions to this popular lakefront facility, including an upgraded stage, expanded state-of-the-art sound and lights, new seating and more grassy space throughout the venue. The newly redeveloped lawn now allows for flexible capacity up to 30,000 patrons while still offering sweeping panoramic views of Chicago’s lakefront. 


There is plenty of other space around the island to feature multiple stages, along with the already established camping areas, however would most likely not feature on-site camping due to space restrictions. All the signs seem to be pointing to Northerly Island being a great location for EDC to take over next year. Cross your fingers.

Do you think this could be the new home to EDC? Let us know what you think in the comments!

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  1. I was a volunteer at EDC CHICAGO 2013, it was probably one of the best times that could of been had. I have been to festivals all over the world, granted it was no IBIZA, it was an awesome experience. I worked the after hours shift patrolling the camp ground and actually got a standing ovation for this!!!! If EDC comes back, I am willing and able to do the same A++ job that I did in 2013!! COME ON, JUST DO IT…,

  2. but…. is there going to be a ridiculous time limit because its so close to the park district???? if this thing ends at 11 pm and is during the day time mostly (like spring awakening was) it will literally change the entire atmosphere nor will it be nearly as an amazing of an experience as it was running all throughout the night in 2013. That was a large factor in what made it so amazing last time :/

  3. PLEASE come back. EDC 2013 was my first festival and it was a life changing experience. Would love to bring others and let them experience the utter astonishment and beauty EDC provided for me.

  4. make EDC 2015 in Chicago an all ages event and most likely that 30,000 people attending goal will be reached or possibly higher than that.

      1. Not only that, at Spring Awakening I’ve witnessed multiple 14-15 year olds being pulled off of stretchers after taking “molly”, etc. It’s ridiculous. At 18+ shows I rarely see it, but then again those are smaller shows, but still.

  5. We need EDC to come back! The weather sucked 2013 (cold and rainy), but the music was awesome all 3 days (except for them lowering the sound system volume day 2 and 3 due to noise complaints). Northerly Island would be amazing, kinda like Electric Zoo in New York. Spring Awakening tries to be like EDC; but unfortunately EDC’s first year here wasn’t as good as it could have been (due to crappy weather and noise complaints). Hopefully EDC can be make it a point to be the best annual EDM festival ever to hit Chicago (true Chicago…..not Joilet). EDC/EDM fans unite and get the word out, make Insomniac hear us. The more they hear from us the more they realize how big and profitable Chicago EDC can be for them and the more money they will invest. Party on! Love, Peace and Rave on.

    P.S. Sad that “Armin Only” was cancelled a few months ago.

    They need to take Chicago serious!

    1. OMG YES.I strongly agree. Chicago started house music! We should be taken seriously! We started it! We like to party!

  6. EDC Chicago 2013 wasn’t even in Chicago, and I wasn’t at all impressed with how it was set up or run. That being said., YES bring it back to CHICAGO!! But only if we get the same as EDC VEGAS! And make it for a later Date, so it’s not cold!!!

    1. I’m sorry…you will NEVER get the same EDC as Vegas gets…there weren’t even 30,000 people who showed up to the last Chicago EDC…there were 130,000 on ONE NIGHT in Vegas…keep wishing…won’t happen :/

  7. I was there in 2013 too. The weather was awful. Freezing cold all weekend, very rainy including some unbearable downpours, mud everywhere. They probably lost a lot in door ticket sales. Apart from the weather, it was a great party. Very well organized and executed.

  8. Where are these rumors about Insomniac originating from? On Chicago Park District’s website states that the U.S. Army Corp of Engineers is funding a habitat development project.

  9. Yes do it!! Because not a lot of people can afford to go to vegas, that was when they had it this year of 2014

  10. Yes I think that would work great. I was at EDC 2013 and it was a great time. I would prefer camping again but if not I will still go all 3 days.

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