Electric Forest’s Popularity Puts Pressure on Ticket Buyers


Photo Credit: Melody Koney
Photo Credit: Melody Koney

Electric Forest. It’s one of the best festivals in America and a place that more and more people call home each year. There are thousands of festivals throughout the U.S., but something about Forest, whether it be the secret sets that you stumble upon, laying under the trees in your hammock, or finding some of the most beautiful souls known to man; it is not an event to be missed.  As Electric Forest’s popularity grew, it became a staple on many bucket lists. It seems everyone wants to be a part of it and many will do whatever it takes to get there. This magical adventure does not begin until the end of June, yet it seems to be the only subject people have been focusing on for weeks. It’s begun to become somewhat of a race and a competition to get tickets. To me, this is extremely annoying and somewhat disheartening.

Last year, general admission didn’t sell out until late April and the year before, I bought my ticket no less than a month before Forest. Discovering how beautiful these fests are have often started out as a last minute decision that quickly turns into being a patron for life once the festival is experienced. Now, I feel that people who are truly passionate about what Electric Forest is may miss out due to lack of funds, and that those with lots of extra cash may take that away from people. Everyone deserves to experience it, I just hope that those that are quickly gulping up the tickets are doing so for the right reasons and not just because it is the hot thing to do right now. I’m glad they are giving a layaway option, that will help a lot of people out.

I know it’s not the festival’s fault that it is so awesome. Everyone wants to go to a magical place that could potentially change your life, hell Disney has been banking on that motto for decades!I simply wish there was less pressure to GET YOUR TICKET and get it NOW! A lot of people are scrambling to get money together, and the scalpers are already out in full force. I have been planning to volunteer/work at Electric Forest since I drove off the ranch with a heavy heart last year. I shouldn’t be nervous about tickets, but when every other status on your news feed is about how someone else got their ticket, it has been putting me in somewhat of a panic.

How do festivals stay afloat and turn a profit while still bringing good vibes and great people? Did having the festival sell out last year help or hurt your experience last year?

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