Doin’ It With Tame Impala on Valentine’s Day

No matter your ~relationship status~, with the new Tame Impala album drop at midnight on the 14, listeners far and wide were able to kick back with some new music.

Thanks to Kevin Parker, everyone had plans on Valentine’s Day (or maybe you listened right at midnight, what do I know)! After a slew of free, first-come-first-serve listening parties for this new release, The Slow Rush went live Friday morning and is now all I can listen to. This album features twelve songs, a few of which we have already heard.

Tame Impala tweeted last month upon the release of “Lost In Yesterday,” reminding us that it was the “LAST ONE BEFORE THE ALBUM” and it’s finally here! If you were lucky enough to attend one of the listening parties thrown across the globe, then you got the true, Tame Impala treatment. The rest of us though, we popped open a bottle of pink wine and celebrated V-day with 57 minutes of Kevin Parker’s tender, yet energetic brainchild.

The album’s title, The Slow Rush, perfectly describes the sensation of listening to this latest release.

It starts out with two new, peaceful songs, before handing us something familiar (“Borderline”). We are eased into Parker’s latest project, guided into the album by gentle hands. Listening from start to finish, without skipping or hitting pause, creates the illusion that time may be standing still or moving slower. The sound itself is soft, carrying that same friendly fuzziness that fans have become accustomed to (familiarity can be a nice quality in a Valentine’s Day date).

The songs from The Slow Rush that were released individually starting in 2019, are peppered into the album, interwoven between strings of new jams. This alternation between old(ish) and new creates a flow that keeps you listening all the way through with ease. It also made this album out to be the perfect way to spend Valentine’s Day– not so surprising that you feel unprepared, but not so familiar that it reminds you of your ex. So, even though the 14th has come and gone, everyone should be doin’ it with (or to) Tame Impala’s newest album, The Slow Rush (sorry for the whole Valentine’s theme, I really couldn’t help it).

Hint: for even more romance, listen to the Tame Impala artist’s pick on Spotify, “Tame Impala: The Slow Rush Time Warp” where you can take in both the music, and some meaningful commentary.

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