5 Reasons to go VIP at North Coast Music Festival

Source: SeatGeek.com
Source: SeatGeek.com

The decision to go VIP at a festival is an important one. Is it worth the extra money? Or should you save your cash and go with general admission? With certain events, the perks of going VIP is insane. This can include anything from having electricity for the weekend to special viewing areas to meet and greets with the artist. Other festivals, on the other hand, don’t seem to give you much of a reason to dole out more than what a regular priced ticket is going for. Northcoast Music Festival falls somewhere in the middle. Being a daily fest with no lodging on site, there’s only so much that can be offered. Yet the upgrade includes some pretty cool bonuses. Here are 5 reasons why VIP is the way to go at NCMF.

Express Entry

This is definitely one of the best perks of going the VIP route. How many times have you waited on your group of friends or spent too much time getting ready, only to arrive and find yourself waiting in a long line to get into the event? You may miss an artist you really wanted to see. You might not have any time to check out the tasty Chi-town food or all of the unique vendors because you are rushing from stage to stage and don’t have any time in between. Maybe you miss out on meeting up with some of your crew because you didn’t have time to find them. All of this can be avoided with express entry! Get in quick and enjoy the festival!

Free Bottled Water

Camelbacks and Nalgene Bottles are great festi accessories. They save you a lot of money! You do however, have to get to a water station every time you need to fill up. Who wants to find a perfect spot for the upcoming act only to have to leave because they need to stay hydrated? (and no don’t say just don’t drink water until it’s convenient. Always stay hydrated!) With VIP tickets, water bottles are included! What a great way to make sure everyone is safe and enjoying themselves!

Special Viewing Areas

Whether you’re tall or short, garbed in fairy wings or wearing your everyday clothes; No one likes armpits in their face, getting burned with cigarettes or having to hear some drunk person bable to their friends during an artist you’ve been dying to see for a year. Let’s face it, standing elbow to elbow with everyone at a show is probably the least appealing thing about general admission shows. With VIP, you have more than enough room to dance and show your appreciation and actually enjoy the visuals instead of the back of someone’s head.


Beer is awesome. But sometimes you feel like a cocktail. The only way to be able to pick your poison at this festival is to go VIP. There is also a lot less waiting in line to get a drink, especially because Northcoast is including 2 lounges this year.

Air-Conditioned Restrooms

Anyone that has been to a festival knows that Porta Potties are less than the ideal situation. But we go with it. Festivals create unforgettable experiences and memories so usually bathrooms are the least of our worries. On the other hand, having to not go in a super hot cramped box would be so much better. VIP includes air-conditioned trailers that are probably a lot cleaner than what general admission has.

Bonus: VIP is 21 and older! So if you’re someone who wants to get away from all of the kiddies and enjoy your show, this is the way to go!

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