New Study Testing If Music Improves Athletic Performance

We know that we are connected to music emotionally. But did you know that it can affect us biologically as well? Two companies are set to begin a study to show the physical results that music has on humans, particularly those in the athletic world. They are teaming together to prove the impact of music on athletic performance.

The first company is known as The Sync Project, a global collaboration with visionary minds in science, music, health and technology, that focus on the health benefits of music for aiding all kinds of different illnesses including dementia, anxiety, and Parkinson’s disease. They aim to understand how music helps us and to scientifically measure the therapeutic effect.

HINTSA Performance is one of the world’s leading coaching companies. They believe in working on mentality as well as one’s physical condition. The coaching often begin with exploring who you are, what motivates you and what changes you need to make to be successful.

So what makes this study different? After all, there is all kinds of research out there on musical therapy relating to athletic training, what drives them to keep going, and which songs are definite “don’ts” when it comes to practice and pre-game locker room pump ups.

First, elite athletes who are already clients of HINTSA will be monitored on their interval training while using a custom-designed music-biometric mobile app. The researchers will also analyze the characteristics of the athlete’s selected music.

Based on this, the second phase of the study will create personalized musical playlists based on these preferences as well as biometric data.

Previous research has shown that music has a profound effect on the brain, even affecting us us the same way that certain pharmaceuticals do. Not only is the athletic performance improved, but the athletes believe that music helps them stay motivated and focused and can even raise their endurance.

Building on this, the Sync Project aims to develop music as a personalized therapeutic for a variety of conditions, including pain,fatigue, stroke recovery, sleep disorders etc.


Is music your biggest motivator? Do you think it can help us physically or does it take something more powerful? Let us know in the comments below!

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