Review: Ronan Keating’s “Let Me Love You”

Irish pop artist and man-band member Ronan Keating recently debuted the first single from his upcoming album, Time of My Life. The track “Let Me Love You” premiered on BBC Radio 2 this past Friday, following a brief preview clip of the song posted on Instagram by Keating a few days earlier.

“Let Me Love You” appears to be a strong choice for the leading single from what will be Keating’s 10th solo studio album. The song has a distinct folk feel, distinguishing it from the pop-fueled album Fires, Keating’s most recent solo release. This single has more in common with Keating’s older ballads and country tracks, genres of which fans know that Ronan Keating is master. The singer’s 1999 cover of “When You Say Nothing At All” saw massive success, and “The Long Goodbye,” a track he penned with fellow Irish singer-songwriter Paul Brady, later became a number one hit performed by American country duo Brooks and Dunn. The backbone of “Let Me Love You” is very much the guitar melody, which creates the song’s acoustic/folk sound. Keating takes advantage of this rustic vibe in the yet-to-be-released music video, which will show him performing busking-style in front of an audience along London’s iconic South Bank.

As the title would imply, “Let Me Love You” is a love song. Its lyrics suggest Keating reminiscing on his past with a romantic partner, and proclaiming his feelings in the song’s chorus:

“So let me love you / Now I know what love is for / I don’t need to search no more / Never ever felt so sure.”

Keating’s lyrics combine with the music to create a happy, uplifting ballad. “Let Me Love You” is not overly sappy, but includes just enough sentiment to make you smile and play it over again. The upbeat melody and steady rhythm create the recipe for a radio hit; a perfect song for turning up the volume on the car stereo and singing along. Overall, “Let Me Love You” is a high-quality tune that has me looking forward to the rest of Keating’s album.

Time of My Life is set to be released February 12th 2016, on Decca Records.

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