The Flow Troupe Returns to Summer Camp Music Festival

In an exciting turn of events Summer Camp has decided to host a Flow Troupe at this years festival. Red Roll had the opportunity to interview Mike Hancock, one of the officers in charge of orchestrating the Troupe. As an officer within the Troupe, Mr. Hancock will be assisting with both costume and theme design for the group.

What types of individuals the Troupe will be looking for?
Mr. Hancock stated “The Troupe is looking for any and all performance artists. This includes but is not limited to Glovers, Hoopers and, Poi Spinners.”

How much experience is required for someone to join the Troupe?
To this Mr. Hancock replied “It’s not about how much experience you have it’s you’re dedication and passion for the arts. It’s about being unique, what sets you apart from the other applicants, and what sort of personal energy you will bring to the festival”

What sorts of things can be expected if one gets accepted into the group?
To which Mr. Hancock replied “Each performer will have time slots they are required to attend, this year the Troupe is looking to get the crowd involved with the show. You can expect to grow as an artist through meeting so many different artists this will open opportunities for creative expansion.”

The Flow Troupe itself will be hosting workshops throughout the weekend to teach anyone who is interested about their respective art forms. There will also be a dedicated space in the vibe tent for performing during shows.

What about those who don’t get accepted?
Mr. Hancock has this to say “Don’t take it personally, look at it as a window of opportunity. Work hard and understand that there are going to be many people applying. The key here is that the Troupe is looking for diversity.”

How to audition

Interested in signing up? Video auditions are now being accepted via the Summer Camp Music Festival website.

For additional information regarding where to submit audition videos and what is needed within a submission follow this link: More Info.


My name is Juan Trevino, I am an a aspiring light show productionist. My goals include developing a portfolio of custom made motion graphics, and landing full time job as a VJ for a soon to be big name artist.

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