In Review: Electric Guest New Album, Plural

Look no further for a unique and exotic take on indie pop to infiltrate your music library. Last Friday, the Los Angeles-born group Electric Guest released their sophomore album titled Plural, an eclectic mix of electronic rock that melts temperately beautiful voice with a poetically synthesized pulse.

Plural Album Cover (Photo via Twitter)

Lead singer Asa Taccone’s voice has a distinct, velvet smooth flare to its sharp delivery, and is the rooting element that takes each song to the next level. In songs like “Glorious Warrier” and “Back & Forth” where the beat plays a backbone role, Taccone’s vocals are what give the songs such intricate and impressionable textures.

An undeniable standout of the album is their 2016 single release, “Dear To Me”, appearing fourth on the tracklist. This song is tightly packed with an authenticity unlike anything else on the album, and threads a certain empathetic soul throughout it’s sweet and sincere lyrics.

“Sarah” carries a similar vibe to “Dear To Me”, but approaches sentimentality on a more personal level. Its affectionate vocals are serenade-like and the light and sugary combination of beats tug at the same heartstring.

Monotony can be an obstacle that electronic artists need to overcome in order to produce a compelling and unique compilation of songs that are still classifiable as a single entity. There is a certain struggle that exists in finding an artist that identifies electronically but who can deliver rhythmic modesty in a nuanced manner. “Zero” opens the album with piano, while a song like “My Omen” carries an acoustic vibe.

Every song on Plural holds a distinctness that brings a different element to the table. Electric Guest demonstrates their innate ability to add a dynamic intricacy to simplistic rhythms, formulating songs in a way that elevates an electronic-classified group to give it irresistibility on another dimension.

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