Two Friends Release Summer Single, “Bandaid”

Though they continue the familiar double-white-guy-DJ routine, Two Friends make music with a triumphant style all their own.


On June 22, Matt Halper and Eli Sones, the creative duo behind the on-the-button name, Two Friends, released their latest song, “Bandaid.

A bubbly, summertime pop track, “Bandaid” makes for a great addition to your summer playlist. Just before the one minute mark, the bass comes in, joining smooth vocal samples for a truly catchy combination. After building a solid foundation, triumphant horns rise up for the chorus and weave a shiny red bow atop this summer present.

“Bandaid,” while cheery and carefree, explores the idea of getting over an old love, using a Bandaid (wink-wink) solution. The chorus admits, “I’m not gonna lie // You’re just a Bandaid for my heart.” Whether it’s the soundtrack to your summer fling, or your next breakup song, “Bandaid” is light enough to pair with any occasion.

“Bandaid,” Two Friend’s Latest Single

Halper and Sones started making music together during their senior year of high school, stirring up contagious remixes together in their room using the audio workstation, Pro Tools.

Since the duo’s musical inception, the two have remixed songs by everyone from, Blink-182, to The Chainsmokers. It’s easy to hear influences from the latter in “Bandaid.” Both guys brought plenty of musical knowledge to the table. Halper, like so many of us, took guitar lessons as a kid and studied musical theory. Growing up, he was a fan of Led Zeppelin, and Bon Jovi. Sones was more interested in the EDM world and enjoyed creating mashups under the pseudonym, “The Friendly Giant.”

When the two headed off to different colleges (Sones to Vanderbilt, and Halper to Stanford) they kept the project alive long-distance for four years. Since moving back to LA in 2015, the duo have been working full time on Two Friends.

In an interview with, Raver Rafting, Two Friends described their music style saying they want their music to “get you dancing and moving, but also hopefully resonate with you on a more emotional level at the same time. The sound and style we’ve been developing is kind of a melting pot of a lot of different elements and influences- whether from dance music, from pop, even from alternative rock or hip-hop.“



Check out some reworks and originals by Two Friends here:



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