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Incase you didn’t know, concerts and music festivals are loud and, [without proper ear protection], can damage your hearing irreversibly.  


Ryan Parry, the founder of Eargasm Earplugs, is attempting to combat this with an earplug that is both aesthetically pleasing, and does not distort sound.

Parry began this company while in law school. The idea for earplugs came about when he attended shows and noticed the lack of ear protection.  “Concerts are so loud.  I saw an opportunity, there was a need for hearing protection,” Parry said.

Parry is aware of the barriers associated with earplugs, most commonly looking “dorky,” and sound distortion.

Eargasm Earplugs aims to break both of these barriers. “Let’s face it, it is not cool to wear earplugs…at least for now. Earplugs have been known to be generally ‘unfashionable’,” Parry said.

In terms of an aesthetically pleasing design, Eargasm Earplugs are discreet and cannot be seen unless looking directly into the ear canal.

“They have a transparent body, which is unusual because most are brightly colored,” Parry said.


In early June, the company released a Pride edition.

Photo Credit: Eargasm website

Parry understands [some of] the consumers are into fashion and may enjoy having earplugs which compliment outfits worn to music festivals, and Pride events.

“My company is trying to turn earplugs into a fashion accessory.  People have different preferences, some want no one to know they are wearing earplugs, while others want earplugs which match their colorful outfits,” Parry said.

When attending a concert or loud event, the last thing a consumer wants is sound distortion. 

Eargasm Earplugs use a state-of-the-art attenuation filter technology, which lowers noise evenly to maintain the full scope of sound while providing hearing protection.

“Eargasm earplugs preserve the sound quality.  You still hear things, just at a lower volume, and you get the safety aspect of earplugs with my product,” Parry said.


Photo Credit: Eargasm website.

The earplugs come in five different models. The two best for concert noise reduction are, High Fidelity and, Smaller Ear Earplugs.


High Fidelity Earplugs, Eargasms’ best seller, preserve the sound quality while reducing noise about twenty decibels.  The earplugs come with 2 shell sizes [to fit a variety of ear sizes], a convenient aluminum-grade keychain carrying case and are made of flexible medical-grade rubber silicone.




Photo Credit: Eargasm website.

Smaller Ear Earplugs are similar to the High Fidelity model, except there are smaller, and made out of plush rubber silicone.

Eargasm Earplugs partnered with Electric Forest, this year as the festivals’ official earplug.  The company had a limited edition version of the earplug for sale on-site at the festival.  The earplugs came with a limited edition Forest engraved aluminum carrying case. 

For those who missed out on purchasing them at Forest, there are still some available.


Photo credit: Eargasm website.
By partnering with music festivals, Parry is trying to expand the appeal of earplugs.  

“[In reference to creating a specially branded earplug for Electric Forest] Earplug companies haven’t really done this before. It is not only something people can use at concerts and festivals, but it is also a memento from the event and can be kept on a key-chain to go with you wherever you go,” Parry said.


With over ten-thousand likes on Facebook and twenty-thousand followers on Instagram, Eargasm Earplugs is becoming increasingly popular. Parrys’ goal of providing a quality, aesthetically pleasing earplug, is in motion. 


Next time you are going to attend a concert or festival, head over to Eargasms’ website, and check out the earplugs for yourself!

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