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Potato Salad

Tyler, The Creator has been making a lot of music lately; perhaps you’ve heard it, perhaps you haven’t. It’s hard to keep up with the enigmatic young Tyler. From features to samples to originals, this past month has been rife with content.

The best song released lately is Potato Salad. It’s funny because potato salad has nothing to do with the song – making Tyler, Tyler.


I lost track of the entertainer a few years back. It took some retracing and some rereading to get in tune with him, however, he seems to be about the same.

There’s an interview with Tyler and host, Larry King on YouTube. It’s funny. The most funny part of the interview is when Tyler said, “he said that when his entertainment career is over – when it’s all said and done – he wants not to be associated with Rap.”

He said, “he wants a legacy and that Rap is too small to achieve such a legacy. You see, Rap has a stipulation of being easy; and sir, or madam, if you do say so yourself, I dare you to try it. It’s poetic – a challenge really. In some circles rap is considered its own language. Combining old words with more old words to make new words. Creatives have been doing it for years; our greatest rappers do it with ease.”

What else struck me about Tyler, is his passion for fashion. Of course being a music entertainer and being involved in fashion go hand in hand. However, with Tyler, most people 10 to 15 years old know him more for his clothing line, Golf, than historic music career.

And yes – Golf has some association with Golf Wang, the creative content group Tyler and friends started years ago. But Tyler claims that Golf is mostly just a funny name and looks great on a hat – or shirt – or whatever it may be. Also, side note, golf sucks and Tyler agrees.

The fact that so many people now know him for his fashion label, is a credit to him and for what he has done. The interview with Larry King is years old, but his mission has succeeded. He wanted a legacy. And with Clothing, Music and Motion Pictures involved, that legacy is on its way.

Tyler is still very young. He still has a ton of energy – a ton – believe me. Watching that man for hours on YouTube gives you energy. And so, if you’re feeling down and in the dumps; I suggest “Cherry Bomb” the documentary, and then directly after listen to the album and I promise you, you will be lifted.

Okay, this is subjective and short and weird – but hey, hopefully it’s entertainment and food for thought. It was hard to write about Tyler because you know if he ever saw it he would rip it to shreds. That’s just Tyler though, he has no shame. Which is great! It’s awesome actually. Inspiring. It would be really cool to live a life with no shame, the way Tyler does.

Check out his new song below and drop in a comment if you do feel so obliged. All feedback is good feedback, yes, even yours.

Oh and about the song. It’s good! Not a club banger but has a flex. A strong flex. A lot of boasting is involved and even a Jaden Smith cameo. You listen and you decide.


I hope he reads this 🙂

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