Bassnectar Releases New Heavy-Hitting Banger

Lorin Ashton, better known by his stage name Bassnectar, has done it again.  He released a track from his upcoming EP and made his fan base go wild.

Heavyweight Sound,” the first cut from the EP, “Reflective Pt. 3,” was released in an announcement on the Bassnectar website on July 19.

In collaboration with Jantsen, and grime rhymes from UK’s grime rapper RD, “Heavyweight Sound” is a gnarly, hard-hitting banger.

Bassheads across various social media platforms shared their excitement and enthusiasm.

The first drop hits listeners hard and has them head banging throughout its’ entirety.

RD’s vocals add an extra edginess to the track and enhance the whompy tone.  The track definitely has Bassheads excited for the upcoming third installment of the EP.

“Heavyweight Sound” is one of seven tracks on the EP, which is currently available for pre-order, along with various merchants bundles.  The bundles include new Reflective garments, exclusive pins and CD with a poster insert.

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The EP will be released in full on August 24.  Until then, fans can enjoy the track on Bassnectars’ official Soundcloud page.


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