‘SNL’ Delivers Sheck Wes- Inspired Tribute to Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Kate McKinnon, Pete Davidson, and Chris Redd celebrate supreme court justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg with a Sheck Wes-inspired rap parody.


Kate McKinnon, who has portrayed the 85-year-old Ginsburg as a dancing, sick-burn-serving powerhouse on SNL’s Weekend Update segment, again put on the black robe for the music video.  

Cast members, Pete Davidson and Chris Redd join McKinnon for the homage to Ginsburg, dubbed “RBG.” In the video, the three comedians turn rapper Sheck Wes’s song, “Live Sheck Wes” into an homage to Ginsburg.

“Live Ginsburg and I ride for Ginsburg,” the chorus proclaimed.

Recently, the real Ginsburg suffered a fall that resulted in three broken ribs. SNL address this in the song’s intro when Redd says, “You think some broken ribs gonna keep her down? Hell no and hell no.” The song goes on to highlight Ginsburg’s illustrious career as a justice and champion of women’s rights.

The left-leaning judge has been a favorite on SNL under the Trump administration. This song, which premiered during Steve Carell’s night as host, is a creative way to honor her achievements.


Check out the original video that inspired the parody below.


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