Animal Collective’s New Double LP Announced Prematurely

Fans of the psychedelic sensation, Animal Collective, can rejoice, because a new album is on its way. Titled, Tangerine Reef, it is set to release August 17.


However, the way this album was unveiled was hardly, according to the band’s plan.

Reddit user and r/AnimalCollective frequenter, u/pigammon discovered a new result for the group on a French music site, and went on to direct message the band’s Instagram page.


Interaction with Reddit user u/pigammon and Animal Collective’s Instagram

Although the band seems oddly phased, the music world is ecstatic.

Animal Collective’s 2016 album, Painting With was met with overall subpar reviews. The band claimed they were making a lyric focused album, when in actuality it was just lyric heavy and melodically tame. The subsequent EP’s, The Painters and Meeting of the Waters were much more a return to form, and actually demonstrates electronic experimentation’s.

The band is also currently on tour, planning to visit Chicago on July 27. Unfortunately, those tickets are currently sold out, but its possible new songs might be debuted, and tested out to audiences, and maybe some good cell phone recordings of such tracks will be posted online.

Either way, fans will have plenty to hear and talk about before this summer is over.

Look out for more news and announcements as the date for the album’s launch looms closer.

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