Get Mesmerized by Zayn Malik’s New Album, Icarus Falls

Icarus was the son of famous craftsman Daedalus in Greek mythology. The myth starts out as, Icarus and his father needed to escape from Crete and the only way to do this was for them build wings with wax. Icarus’ father warned him though that they could not fly too close to the sun or the ocean or their wings would get destroyed. As they flew, Icarus forget about the warning and flew higher and higher, melting his wings, causing him to fall into the ocean.


Icarus Falls gives us Zayn’s perspectives on the up and down of relationships and life.

Zayn embarked his solo career in late 2015 and released his album Mind of Mine in 2016. His first album showed his evolution from coming from a boy band, to now emerging as a solo artist who made all the decisions. Yet, he faced several difficulties which he would speak about online or in interviews. He wanted to perform and tour but due to anxieties, he needed to take his time to overcome those fears.

After a much-needed break and just doing his thing, Zayn teased about this new project that he was working on Twitter. There were some apparent issues with his record label on the release date of his album. I was personally so excited about this because his first album did want me wanting to hear more from him.

Throughout the following weeks leading to the release, he dropped the songs,  “Rainberry,” “Good Years,” “There You Are,” and “ No Candle No Light.” Giving fans a bit of a taste of how the whole album might sound.

Icarus Falls has a total of 27 songs. Something uncommon that not all artist do. Some may find this a bit too much, in my opinion, it is quite long but, he gave us a good selection of songs to listen to.

His songs vary from upbeat strokes and sounds like, “Talk to Me,” “Back To Life,” “There You Are,” transitioning into “Sour Diesel,” which has a more rock feel mixed with strong bass.

Contrasting to these songs, he has some slower R&B vibe songs like “Let Me,” “Natural,” and even some ballads. Zayn offers a good selection of songs all working together to create a cohesive album and something for everyone to like. His vocal range gives him a big advantage, allowing him to hit those falsetto notes that the sings so easily. Zayn also has Nicki Minaj and Timbaland featured in two songs on the album.

My Top 10 Songs are:
  • Back To Life
  • Common
  • Imprint
  • Flight of The Stars
  • Talk To Me
  • Good Guy
  • Sour Diesel
  • Scripted
  • Entertainer
  • Rainberry

Overall, I’m very happy with his album and the wait was definitely worth it. I’ve been listening to his album since it came out and it clearly shows that Zayn took his time to make sure that his album reflected him. Zayn also had a release party for his album, which allowed fans to have an unforgettable experience of a lifetime. Hopefully, we’ll see a future tour planned out soon so fans can get mesmerized in the dreamy, soothing, body chilling vibes that Zayn gives off.


Make sure to stream Icarus Falls below!



I am a student at UIC studying Communications and Music. Started singing and playing instruments when I was in high school and fell in love. I love going to concerts and talking to people about music.

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