Forbidden Kingdom Festival Debut: T-Minus One Month

The first ever Forbidden Kingdom Festival debuts in one month in Boca Raton, Florida at the Sunset Cove Amphitheater. This event is ages 18+, and will take place on February 16 and 17.

The festival will take place here: Sunset Cove Amphitheater in Boca Raton, Florida

“Forbidden Kingdom represents and expresses the very roots of all Bass and Dubstep music,” according to the event’s Facebook page.

Guests can expect a “Lost Lands-style festival“, as portrayed by the event founder and owner of Apex Presents, PePe Vargas.

Forbidden Kingdoms first lineup, 2019

They definitely nailed that Lost Lands-style! From the classic heavy bass of Excision, Zomboy, and Doctor P, to the emerging riddim artists like, He$h and Hekler; from a dose of chill-vibes by Adventure Club and XIE, to the guitar-shredding bass head Sullivan King, this festival is like Lost Lands had a baby. A little beach baby.

But, there is more to the festival than a jaw-dropping lineup. There is a back-story, actually, a 59-page back-story that you can read on the festivals page.

The “Forbidden Tale” behind the Forbidden Kingdom is an adventurous anecdote about King Cornivorus, who is the leader of the New World, but has yet to take over the Forbidden Kingdom. Nothing will stop him and his Cyborg army from the conquest — not even the brave and noble character Alana.

I think it’s really cool that someone invested into the idea of this festival differently; by creating a meaning behind it. I have yet to come across a festival with a full-fledged fictional story behind it. I’d imagine this makes the festival more enjoyable by painting a picture for guests to anticipate, and acting as a visionary for the festival organizers.

Speaking of anticipation, Nitti Gritti just hyped up the festival even more by dropping the “Forbidden Kingdom Anthem.” This festival is the epitome head-banging, and this track makes you want to do just that. This tune is just a taste of the bass you’ll get in Florida.

You can check it out on below and download on YoutubeRed, Spotify, Soundcloud, and more!

Vargas expects the fest to go exceptionally well, considering its the first bass & dubstep festival of its kind to hit the state of Florida. Considering the first year of Lost Lands was outrageously legendary.

If you’re interested in attending the festival, tickets are available by clicking here , or at the event’s website, but hurry! Tickets are going fast! All tiers are sold out except the 4th. Two days at the Forbidden Kingdom come out to only $188 dollars.

If you can’t make it, stay tuned for a review because a couple of friends and I will be attending the festival!

As always, thank you for reading! <3

Stay cool,

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