Twitter: A Band’s Best Friend

Learn about how musicians are using Twitter to build buzz for new projects.


AJR have announced a new single, “100 Bad Days” which was released Tuesday, January 29.

“100 Bad Days” will be the first single to come from the band’s next project. In past posts, AJR has mentioned their “next chapter of music,” which is associated with the name “Neotheater.”

The band of brothers announced the new song via Twitter that Sunday afternoon, their message includes an image of Adam, Jack, and Ryan Met, AJR’s core members, represented as tiny, animated characters.

In the artwork, the three brothers walk across piano keys surrounded by giant legs in formal pants and dress shoes. The innocent imagery is aligned with AJR’s familiar themes of growing up and searching for one’s place in an adult world.


Los Angeles-based indie band Wallows have been leveraging the social media platform in a unique way this week. In anticipation of their new album “Nothing Happens,” Wallows has sent custom tee shirts with individual song titles to select fans. The fans are asked to take and post a picture of themselves on Twitter wearing the tee shirt with the song title clearly displayed.

The campaign is a fun, interactive way to get fans excited about the new album, while drawing out the song-reveal process.

As of January 27, ten song titles have been released:

“Only Friend”
“Are You Bored Yet?”
“Ice Cold Pool”
“Worlds Apart”
“What You Like”
“Remember When”
“I’m Full”
“Do Not Wait”

The Most Versatile Platform

Taking to Twitter for big announcements is nothing new. Bands have been using the platform to keep in touch with their fans since the site’s founding in 2006. What’s new are some of the creative ways that Twitter lets artists engage with fans.

Many artists with smaller followings, like rapper Abhi The Nomad, use Twitter for casual dialogues with fans. Conversations like, talking about crazy weather, movie opinions, and sharing random thoughts help artists maintain something of a personal relationship with followers.

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