Elohim Releases New Song: ‘TV’

Update: New Music from Elohim is Here!

She’s been dropping hints on her social media accounts for days, on Tuesday, producer and singer Elohim announced she would release yet another new single called “TV” on Thursday, February 7.

Elohim’s latest single will be her third song released since November, building anticipation for her upcoming album. The first “Connect,” is a cheery pop collaboration with renowned producer Skrillex.

“I’m just here to connect with you.”

Elohim sings against a backdrop of happy ooh ooh oohs” on the song’s upbeat chorus. Skrillex provides the track’s crisp, airy drums that float around Elohim’s warm voice. Elohim’s lyrics create a carefree feeling. The effects on her voice never seem to repeat, lending an air of excitement and novelty to every verse.

If “Connect” is a happy-go-lucky song about life at its best, “Buckets” is a distorted, disruptive show of strength summoned to fight back when life is at its worst. Backed with pounding bass and a screechy melody, “Buckets” is Elohim daring any challenger to step forward.

“Buckets / Filling up my cup like fuck it / I’m running / Make a mess Wu-Tang bring the ruckus / I’m making a mess / Suck it (suck it)”

The two songs are vastly different in tone and energy yet neither one feels “packaged” in that familiar hit single wrapping paper. Heading into Thursday night, there was a high standard set for Elohim’s next song, “TV.”


“I woke up depressed as fuck / I wanna sit around and tell you how it sucks / How it’s hard to walk with spaghetti legs / And my mind is freakin’ out about the world we’re in”

With all that’s going on, it’s easy to feel like our minds are way too loud. Elohim wears her anxious heart on her sleeve in “TV.” It’s an honest song with a steady supply of synths and vocal samples. “TV” also includes the sudden stop and start element that Elohim has thrown into past songs. The music breaks away as Elohim delivers a crisp “Shh!” signaling the chorus.

It’s a good thing Elohim released this single after “Connect” and “Buckets.” The first two songs provide a cushion for “TV” to land on when it inevitably tires itself out, which happens quickly. It’s not that “TV” has any deep flaws, it just feels like a let down after the earlier singles.

If it’s safe to assume a full length album is in our near future, it will be exciting to see how Elohim keeps the tracklist fresh and exciting throughout the record. Whether or not you like Elohim’s latest songs, they definitely point to an album that “has legs” and not the spaghetti kind.

Elohim is currently on tour, with upcoming stops in Mexico, L.A, and New York.

See the complete list of tour dates here

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