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Twenty One Pilot’s Release Unplugged Version of ‘Chlorine’

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Duo Tyler Joseph, and Josh Dun embark on their Bandito Tour, which is came to an end in their hometown of Columbus, Ohio. Don’t worry though, they still have some festival appearances that they are set to play, but most importantly they are also still releasing music.

The duo recently released an unplugged version of one of their songs off Trench. The series is being called Location Sessions and currently “Chlorine” is the first song to be re-released.

In this reimagined version of “Chlorine” or its full title “Chlorine (19.4326° N, 99.1332° W)“. Tyler is accompanied by just a piano and a spare beat. If anyone is a fan, or someone who is barely finding out about this band, Tyler is a great vocalist and personally I feel that these stripped down versions of their songs suit his voice very well. As the sessions are called the Location Session, the coordinates when searched up point to Mexico City, which is presumed is where the duo recorded this version Chlorine.

There hasn’t been any additional information about the duo releasing other stripped down version of songs off of Trench, but there is a lot of speculation that that might be the case in the next upcoming months. I think many fans would enjoy getting a reimagined version of some of their favorite songs off of Trench.

Which songs off of Trench would you like to see re-imagined?

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  • July 19, 2019 at 6:46 PM

    I think this song is a great display of Tyler’s vocals and I’m excited to hear more location sessions. The Cut My Lip version was refreshingly different and very good, but i would love to hear a stripped-down version of Bandito, or The Hype. The directions the boys are taking with their music is so exciting.
    power to the local dreamer ||-//


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