Model & Rising Rapper Chynna Rogers Passes Away at 25

Rapper and Model Chynna Rogers has tragically passed away at the devastatingly young age of 25. Rogers seemed to have been destined for the limelight from the beginning. She originally got her start in modeling, when at the age of fourteen she was scouted while spending an afternoon at Six Flags. From then, she ended up signing with Ford Models and turned heads during New York Fashion Week.

It appears that Chynna was naturally attracting the spotlight throughout most of her life, but in her music, it’s evident that she deeply craved privacy and peace. The late rapper transitioned into a more music-focused career with her involvement with the A$AP Mob – a hip-hop collective that has infamous names like A$AP Rocky and A$AP Yams attached to it.

It was through immersing and surrounding herself with hip-hop creatives such as these that made her see making music as something that she might want to give a go. After some hesitation, she was encouraged by the A$AP Mob to pursue and explore rapping professionally.

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Chynna’s cause of death has been due to an accidental drug overdose from opiates – unfortunately, this a heavy theme that we have seen, especially these past couple of years within the hip-hop community. Not only did collaborator and friend A$AP Yams help lead Chynna towards using rapping as a platform to express her inner demons, but he also passed away back in 2015 from a drug overdose as well.

Chynna lived and mourned through A$AP Yam’s death, making her more passionate about inserting her personal struggles with depression and the correlation of abusing drugs as a form of escapism. Death and the contemplation of mortality have always been a focal point within Chynna’s music.

Her hit EP that dropped back in 2017, “Music 2 Die 2” shows Chynna facing the woman in the mirror – a realization is illuminated that if she continues down this path, she will eventually be diving off the same cliff that many of her fellow artists in the hip-hop community have been susceptible too.

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It is her confrontation and desire to steer away from her deemed fated outcome that makes her death so heartbreaking. Chynna was working hard to prevent this – seeking and achieving years of sobriety even in the face of losing her mother, while simultaneously trying to jumpstart her music career.

The track “Seasonal Depression” is one of the most direct, blunt expressions of Chynna’s desire to connect with others – but instead finds herself forced into a state of isolation. This track seems to demolish the concept of a yellow brick road – leading Chynna to surrender to a more self-destructive mentality. Chynna raps in this track about having no energy to gift and extend to others when she is engulfed in this depressive state.

Although the lyrics reflect a sense of dark hopelessness – the beat and her voice are quite calming and serene. This translates not only to Chynna being worn out and exhausted of battling her inner demons – but also this idea that this is a battle in which it seems increasingly evident that she may not ever be able to come out the other side victorious. Her voice radiates defeat as she slurs her words over the simplistic beat.

She raps, “I won’t lie, I won’t hit you. I won’t ask what’s on yo mind. I won’t kiss you. I won’t pick up every time. I get drunk. I get twisted. I got demons. I got reasons why I lie. I be tweakin, I be screamin’ every night.”

The last EP that she dropped before her death, “In case I die first” is quite a direct window illuminating Chynna running from and at the same time recognizing her inner shadow.

Chynna never even got the chance to drop a full-length album during her short 25 years of life – but dedicated her time on earth towards expressing her truth and desire to heal within her music.

Many artists such as rapper Saba, R&B singer Kehlani, and of course the A$AP Mob took to social media to express their love for the late rapper. Videos of Chynna surfacing showcase her being goofy and carefree, exposing that she was such a bright light to so many in her life.

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Although it’s quite devasting to know that we won’t get to see the full potential that Chynna had to offer blossom – there is something to be said for how much transparency and courage she was able to contribute to this world in such a short span of time.

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