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Atlanta has been spearheading most of the trends in popular music for the last couple of years. From artists like Migos and Future, to newer ones like Gunna and Lil’ Baby, Atlanta artists are definitely in command of the culture. The south has always had a presence in rap and hip-hop, but recently they have become a musical juggernaut. This current wave of “Trap Music” that is so popular right now originated from Atlanta artists like T.I, Gucci Mane, and Young Jeezy. This gritty style of music they championed shined a light on the impoverished black neighborhoods in Atlanta and each artist’s life of crime as a result of the living conditions.

Background on ATL Scene

This type of music may have originated with these artists, but many other ATL artists emerged as a result. One of the most influential ATL rappers would have to be Young Thug in my opinion. Since the beginning of his career, Young Thug has been a risk-taker from fashion to music. He was criticized for both his rapping style/accent and his clothing choices. Early on in his career, I used to compare him to Prince because they both a different style of clothing and had a very unique sound.

Over the years, Young Thug silenced the doubters by growing as an artist and making some great music. He has released many hits over the years like “Lifestyle,” “Power,” “Killed Before,” “Check,” “Relationship,” and “Pick Up The Phone” just to name a few. He’s gone from being criticized about his style to being copied by others and being invited to fashion shows.

As a fan, it is easy for me to recognize the evolution Young Thug has gone through to reach where he currently stands as an artist. It’s hard to describe but, his fast-talking Atlanta accent combines with his overall unique style as an artist to make exceptional music. On top of already having an out-of-the-box sound, he continuously challenges himself musically by making not one album sound similar to the next, which even led him to make a country album. He has even proven that he has an exceptional ear for music by discovering Gunna and Lil’ Baby.

So Much Fun

In August, he released his newest album So Much Fun, and I consider this his best project to date. The album features Machine Gun Kelly, 21 Savage, Gunna, Lil’ Baby, Future and more. The production level on this project is through the roof and leaves it with a variety of moods throughout. One of the hit songs, “Hot(featuring Gunna),” reached #11 on Billboards Hot 100. In my opinion, this album should be nominated for an award.

I had the pleasure of seeing Young Thug on tour with a Machine Gun Kelly and Polo G at The Rave in Milwaukee. Although the crowd was less than expected, you wouldn’t have noticed because Young Thug gave an amazing performance displaying his creativity from the music selection to the snake-shaped stage.

Since the album, Young Thug has been releasing features. He has told fans that we can expect at least one more album this year, which may be his Super Slimey 2 album that is said to be a joint project with Lil’ Baby and Gunna.

Stay tuned for more music from Thug!

Eric Hendrix

Just a native south side Chicago kid with an opinion or two.

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  1. Young Thug is a talented artist. Honestly, I was critical of Young Thug’s music style and choice of fashion, but his talent and influence is undeniable. It’s great that he’s in the space of making great music and not relying on antics for clout; I’ve always felt that he is too talented for that.

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