The Pretty Reckless Releases “Death By Rock And Roll” – a Testament to the Power of Music in the Face of Extreme Hardship

Taylor Momsen rocks out on this latest album, fueled by a rollercoaster of back-to-back tragedies in her life. Heavily influenced by the deaths of both her producer, Kato Khandwala, and mentor/friend/Soundgarden legend, Chris Cornell, The Pretty Reckless delivers an elevated, passionate sound on Death By Rock And Roll. Momsen harnessed her life’s blood, sweat, and tears, boiling them together in some bubbling cauldron of electric guitar and a polished, fully-realized vision.

In an interview with Untitled, the band’s ferocious frontwoman dives into her inspiration for the album, opening up about her recent experience with loss and tragedy. Death by Rock and Roll, she says, “started out as a phrase that Kato, our producer who passed and who was my best friend in the world, used to say all the time. It was kind of an ethic that we lived our life by, back in 2008 when we formed the band.” The album title holds such a special significance for Momsen and the band. It immortalizes her dear friend and experienced producer, welding them together with that hot, bloody, cauldron goo.

The result is an album overflowing with pride:

“I think that this album is really, in my humble opinion, the best album we’ve ever made because it was created from such a raw and vulnerable, honest place that you can’t manufacture…” she tells Untitled.

She isn’t alone in her personal assessment of this album. To me, the sound does appear to represent a progression from her earlier music– an elevated depiction of the band’s strength and talent. The charts tell a similar story. Fans are slurping up this new album, and loving every drop.

I grew up listening to The Pretty Reckless, craving Momsen’s fierce-female-rock-and-roll-fire before anyone ever sat me in front of the tv to watch Gossip Girl (boy was that a shock). She showed me that a girl can be scary, grungy, loud, and beautiful– all at the same time. Listening to this album allows me to feel like the angsty overgrown teenager that I am. I hope it can do the same for you.

Listen below!

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