Get Ready For “Planet Her”

“I’ve always wanted to try things. I commend artists who stick to something. It feels pleasing aesthetically and very driven.”

After completely owning last year’s music scene, Doja Cat has confirmed to be nearly done with Planet Her. With an estimated release for late summer, she’s got a lot of fans anticipating several new hits. As the real first taste of the new album, Doja teamed up with SZA for the release of “Kiss Me More.” As expected, both the visuals and the song are aesthetically perfection.

“Kiss Me More” is a fun, infectious disco-infused pop single. It’s flirty while also focusing on the main topic of Planet Her, divine femininity.

The video follows an astronaut who explores a deserted pink-hued planet. While exploring the unknown territory, he stumbles upon two glamorous alien-like figures which end up being Doja and SZA. It then quickly shifts into a story reminiscent of Adam and Eve, the astronaut is seen eating the forbidden fruit and is transported into a sensual fantasy. He goes from a voyeur, to participant, and then into an unexpecting fallen victim to these beautiful alien creatures. The video is playful yet so pleasing to the eye. Everything is beautifully paced.

What Can We Expect From Planet Her?

This is the second song we’ve heard but, thus far, Planet Her is VERY promising and will definitely feature a variety of hits along with several possible features. So far there has been rumors of Ariana Grande, French Montana, and Megan Thee Stallion, among others, possibly being on the album. Without a doubt expect some hits from Doja this summer!

“For me, I want to try all these things, but I’m starting to learn what I’m falling into is a lot of the house, disco, vintage-y essences—that’s where my heart kind of lies. But I still am doing shit that I don’t understand. It’s still really fun!”

Doja Cat to SZA (from V Magazine)

Are you excited for Planet Her?

Stream “Kiss Me More” here:


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