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Daft Punk Announces The End For The Duo

by Darlene
Grammy award-winning, electronic duo Daft Punk has officially announced their retirement after 28 years together. In an eight minute YouTube video titled “Epilogue” Thomas Bangalter and Guy-Manuel de Homem are seen in their usual, concealed, robot getup walking in a deserted desert. Both are seen wearing their iconic helmets along with matching jackets. They walk right […]

Here Is Everything We Know About Ariana Grande’s Upcoming Album

by Marissa Bachrach
If you live under a rock, or just aren’t a fan of pop icon Ariana Grande, you may be unaware that she has a new album dropping on October 30. The album is entitled positions, and a single of the same title has already been released. Watch the “positions” music video below to see Ariana […]

Don Toliver

by Eric Hendrix
Recently, with so much music dropping and all the constant advancements in how we consume it from streaming on different sites to the use of some exclusive content releasing apps, it is fairly easy to miss some of the great artists emerging. One of the genre-bending artists that I think will make a major stamp […]

Retro Revival

by Jackson Red
Do you know what day it is? Me neither. Snow is in the forecast. Bandanas are stylish again. The threat of nuclear annihilation is always on the horizon. It’s a strange time for… time. But, a spring budding with new music reminds us that the record spins on, and even the global pandemic can’t disrupt […]

The Most Anticipated New Music of 2020

by Marissa Bachrach
As we roll into March, (already… how?) more and more artists are officially announcing or hinting at upcoming albums to be released this year. These are some of the most anticipated albums of 2020. As for officially announced albums go, our top 3 albums to look out for this year are as follows: 1. Haim, […]

Check out These Five New Songs

by Marissa Bachrach
This past weekend, several artists released new albums and singles that we’re super excited about. Here are five new songs released this past weekend that everyone should listen to: 1. “After Hours” – The Weeknd This new The Weeknd song has the same pop beat you’d expect from most of his music, but the build-up […]