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Don Toliver

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Recently, with so much music dropping and all the constant advancements in how we consume it from streaming on different sites to the use of some exclusive content releasing apps, it is fairly easy to miss some of the great artists emerging. One of the genre-bending artists that I think will make a major stamp in the music industry is Don Toliver. He is currently signed to Travis Scott’s Cactus Jack record label and Atlantic. I first noticed him from his feature on “Can’t Say,” a song on Travis Scott’s Astroworld. The song ended up going Platinum.

Even though he tends to do a lot of hip-hop features, which may be due to him being signed to a rap artist, don’t let that fool you! When it comes to range look no further, Don Toliver is a singer that has a very unique voice. He has the ability to sing in an extremely high pitch without hurting the overall melody of his songs. Don Toliver has a voice that could fit in multiple genres from Rock to Rap.

Heaven Or Hell

Don Toliver reminds of The Weeknd, not meaning that they sound alike, but that they both have an extremely unique sound that can fit in more places than one. Much like The Weeknd, Don Toliver has had success by transitioning into Pop music. His album Heaven or Hell is a good example of his talents being on full display. Don Toliver has a variety of hits on it including “No Idea,” which is another platinum record of his. He is taking the music world by storm and his talents are being recognized by other artists because he has been on a lot of major features this year, such as Astroworld and Nas’ King’s Disease. He is an artist you should definitely make yourself familiar with.

Heaven or Hell is available on Apple Music.

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