15 Reasons Why Electric Forest is Magical


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Every year, tens of thousands of people from all around the world flock to a seemingly  quaint town of around 400 inhabitants known as Rothbury, Michigan. Since 2010, a spectacle unfolds every year deep in the woods. Art, lights, and music seems to come out of nowhere. This quiet town fills with people of all race, gender and sexual identity. Of course, I’m talking about Electric Forest.

Electric Forest draws such a big crowd for reasons that set it apart from other festivals. Let’s take a walk through the Forest, shall we?

  1. Upon arrival, you are overwhelmed with excitement as you set up camp and meet your neighbors who will quickly become part of your own Forest Family. You trust keeping your stuff next to them all weekend.
  2. The music spreads throughout the campgrounds, filling the air with energy and the notion that anything can happen..
  3. You first walk through the gates, no longer are you thinking about that big project at work or your troubles at home. All you can focus on is the forest.
  4. As you look around, you are overcome with a feeling of belonging. Everyone wants you there and they are glad to see you, no matter who you are or where you come from.
  5. As you walk throughout the venue, you feel accepted, not judged, like everyone around you loves you and accepts you for who you are.
  6. As you get hungry, you venture over to the food trucks. Lined around a stage, these food trucks offer endless possibilities of food from all over the world.. And the vegetarian options are definitely on point.
  7. You walk into Sherwood Forest and your mouth drops open. During the daytime, beautiful works of art are scattered throughout the forest, living and created.
  8. As the sun sets, the forest slowly changes. The forest becomes illuminated with an almost supernatural glow. The crowd starts getting bigger. You hear Carl’s name being screamed throughout… “does anyone know where Carl is!?” Strange people come lurking out of the corners and begin to showcase their weird talents. The forest suddenly turns into this beautiful showcase of art, dancing, music, and positive vibes. The forest comes alive and transforms into something beautiful.
  9. Hammocks are lined between every tree, some even 20 feet up in the air, creating massive pillars of lazy foresters. They allow you to relax and take in the seemingly calm, but hectic, forest. Plus, who doesn’t love chilling in a hammock!?
  10. Every day, the forest will continue to blow your mind when you walk in. It never gets old. Seriously.
  11. The people you meet throughout the weekend will share a bond with you like no other. Keep in touch with these people.
  12. You hear the booming music coming from all around. Everywhere you look theres a stage or some source of music and fun. You can never get bored in the Forest. It’s probably never been done before.
  13. When the forest closes for the night, the campgrounds become alive with a flurry of activities. People DJ’ing in their campsites, drum circles, after parties, and more. The fun seems to never end.
  14. For all the ragers, the ravers, the hippies, or whatever you classify yourself as, we all meet in one city and blend together and unite to make one big, loving family.
  15. The Forest is, and always will be, a very unpredictable thing. You never know what’s going to happen. And that, my friends, is what makes Electric Forest one of the most unique and unforgettable festivals you will ever attend.

What else do you love about Electric Forest? Let us know in the comments below!

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