Summer Camp Phase 2 with Surprise Headliner!

Summer Camp in Chillicothe, Illlinois released the first phase of their 16th annual music festival a couple weeks ago with many returning favorites but people were left without much of a wow factor, until now.

Phase two is packed with a diverse list of huge names starting with the Tom Petty band southern rock band you probably haven’t heard of Mudcrutch. It gets a lot more exciting with Jimmy Fallon’s Tonight Show band, The Roots,  who have been making rock history since 1987 when the rock/funk/soul band united.

In the recent years Summer Camp has become notorious for it’s electronic acts and it has out done itself this year adding Grantheft, SNBRN, and Excision who has been selling out shows all over the country.

The most exciting addition is that BigGrizMatik will be making it’s return for a live blend of electro funk and soul. BigGrizMatik is a supergroup formed from Big Gigantic, Griz, and Gramatik. If all members of the bands participate this could be a really powerful set that won’t be seen anywhere else.


Big Gigantic- Dominic Lalli – (Saxophone), Jeremy Salken (Drums)

Griz- Grant Kwiecinski – (Saxophone)

Gramatik- Denis Jašarević (DJ) and hopefully a funky guitar player.

This phase two combined with the previously released schedule makes for a diverse and promising lineup for a historic 15th annual Summer Camp Music Festival! View the full lineup below:

scamp lineup



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