Grandace Let’s Go of Winter Blues on “Go”

Grandace stays in tune with his vibes and remains unapologetic for it. He gears his listeners up for streaks of summer on his sun-shiny February release, “Go.”

On his newest release, the musically-inclined poet from Dayton, Ohio breaks the mold on an ethereal beat. Finding personal truth between the lines of anticipated success, and the same underlying passion for personal freedom from the perceived standard. These notions lead to the realization of our generation’s sameness of difference, which is shown in lines like:

I Coulda sworn I saw an alien but everybody’s different now.
Really spot a difference how?
Actually your missing out.
A whole world centered round characters.
Tryna be ethereal.
Got our own channels , disappointment In the living room and wait.
Don’t preach at me I’m not here for all.

These realizations lead to Grandace eventually understanding the need to sometimes “Go,” which he harmoniously bellows to his own conscious and anyone else willing to share his thoughts.

The song’s Genius entry description reads:


If you can catch the vibes, watch Grandace’s elaborate video for his song “In My Mind,” directed by creative collective, HiveMind, and look out for more GrandAce in the near future.

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