There’s a Mouse in the House

This past weekend, what some would call one of the founding members of the EDM community performed at a small, intimate venue for an adoring crowd.

Joel Zimmerman, better known by his fans as Deadmau5, played an after party at local Chicago nightclub, The MID.
React Presents and The MID presented “Lots of Afterparties in a Row” on Friday, May 5.
Along with Deadmau5, the lineup consisted of BlackGummy, No Mana and Feed Me.

Walking through the doors into the entryway, club-goers were greeted by two women donning black and silver bejeweled versions of Deadmau5 mouse masks. “Would you like some cheese?”, the women, holding silver platters covered in Babybel cheeses, asked.
After taking one, patrons proceeded into the main room of the club to grab drinks and enjoy the night.

The crowd started out small as No Mana opened up the night, and as his set continued, the venue became shoulder-to-shoulder packed as fans eagerly awaited the arrival of Deadmau5.

When the clock struck 12:30 a.m., many club-goers cheered as Deadmau5 took to the stage with fellow producer, Feed Me.
As the cheering was happening, some of the crowd had confused expressions on their faces. They were unaware Zimmerman had taken to the stage, as he was not wearing his famous mouse mask, which many recognize Deadmau5 for. This set the tone for the old-school club vibe which accompanied the back-to-back set Deadmau5 and Feed Me threw down.

For the next two and a half hours, the lights in The MID strobed red and blue as the club was filled with a mixture of trance, dubstep, electronic and house music. Not a single person in the jam-packed crowd was standing still.

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