Preparations Begin for Weekend 1 of Electric Forest

The time is almost here to return to Electric Forest, a place many consider a “home away from home”.

On May 24, the Forest Family started to receive wristbands for Weekend 1 of Electric Forest.

Excitement mounted on various social media platforms, and many first-time attendees shared their enthusiasm.

The Forest Family have started receiving their wristbands in the mail

As anticipation mounts and preparations begin, there are many, sometimes stressful, realizations.  These may be about what supplies to bring, what to wear, travel accommodations or what food to eat.  A realization many [returning] attendees have about Electric Forest is, although preparation can be stressful, upon walking into the festival – all of the time and planning was worth it.

Social media can be a great tool for many first-timers who want to know what to expect. 

In the Facebook group, “Electric Forest”, first-time Forest goers posed questions such as: “What do you feel sets it [the festival] apart from others?” and “What makes it [the festival] special for you?”.

Members of the Forest Family provided a variety of answers, and the overall consensus was the [non-musical] entertainment found in Sherwood Forest and the festival grounds are unlike any other.

When walking throughout the festival, attendees may stumble upon performers who are not only there to entertain, but who have names, a backstory and, if you solve a riddle, may lead you to a secret room in the Hangar.

The amount of effort and time put into the extravagant art installations is reason enough for attendees to return year-after-year.  If one really takes the time to explore the installations, a riddle or scavenger hunt may be found.

The Forest Family explores the riddle on the art installation “Mechan 9”. Photo Credit: Official Electric Forest Facebook page

Returning attendees can all agree, the Forest takes you on a journey to another place and time, where you realize this is the time, and the place.  This is where you feel alive.

Wristbands can be purchased for both weekends here.

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