In Review: Unanticipated LANY single, “yea, babe, no way”

Last Friday, LANY seized the attention of their fans by dropping a new single titled “yea, babe, no way”. The alternative dreampop band’s last release was earlier this year—a song called “WHERE THE HELL ARE MY FRIENDS”—but they caught their fans off-guard with the surprise release of their latest smooth and ambient song.

LANY, via Twitter
LANY, via Twitter

LANY’s repertoire crafts itself notoriously for its vibey and atmospheric nature, and “yea, babe, no way” delivers the same qualities. Only two years old, the trio is making a quick rise in the festival scene with their unique fashion of chill alternative, performing locally at Lollapalooza last summer and Mamby on the Beach this July.

“yea, babe, no way” takes a look at the prevalent theme of on-and-off young romantics. It weighs on the burden of youthful indetermination and indecisiveness regarding infatuation and love. The message in the lyrics accompany an instrumental of intertwining melodic elements. Ranging from tranquil synthesizing to ethereal echoes of guitar, these stylings are something this band is prominently good at.

♪ “We should talk about love again…” ♪

A reminiscent characteristic of their normal sound, this song grasps listeners in a particularly nostalgic manner. LANY has a way of embracing a song’s emotions by the lyrics and the music it chaperones, elements which delicately play off of one another. Lines like “white cheeks, daydreams” and “tell me where we went wrong” in the song express the wistful genuineness of its songwriting.

Listen to “yea, babe, no way” on Spotify. Catch them live at Mamby on the Beach on July 2nd.

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