IAMDDB Drops New Single, “End of The World”

Rapper and urban jazz singer IAMDDB dropped a brand new single “End of The World” earlier this week. Along with the album came an alien inspired music video, where we get to see what IAMDDB has been getting into during Quarantine – taking flight from the destruction and chaos of planet earth, blowing smoke, and choosing to embrace love through indulging in escapism and tapping into imagination.

The beat has a haunting, futuristic sound with a chilling synthesizer illuminating a tone of both demolition and re-birth. IAMDDB is showcasing that her care-free, accepting energy is here to stay. She makes it known in the lyrics that she is perfectly happy to watch the world crumble from far away – gawking as the world is set ablaze, looking down from the high vibration of love that has her levitating, despite it all.

IAMDDB is also bringing out a paradox that is quite present in the world right now – this desire to balance the obliteration that surrounds society with the potency of resurrection. IAMDDB is able to bring out this polarity that resides in the world with the way she is able to balance her ability to transition between jazz melodies and spitting trap-raps with relative ease.

She is expressing a level of confusion with the overgrowth of love revealing itself, at a time when the world is being met with collusion and wreckage. The fact that she feels this abundance of love at a time like this makes her feel both grateful and utterly perplexed.

End of The World” ultimately showcases IAMDDB reveling in the fact that her infectious, free spirit is unwavering in the face of a crumbling world. “End of The World” has IAMDDB dancing amongst the fire and dirt, throwing her hands up in full surrender, then dipping out on her spaceship to reach higher heights. 

She is truly harnessing the need for sanctuary and security through completely engulfing herself in love. Through escaping in the beauty of being fully preoccupied with love, she creates a world that is bearable for her to live and breathe in. She sings in the chorus,

The world is ending, but my love grows for you. World’s colliding, but think I be falling for you.

Stream “End of The World” by IAMDDB and abandon planet earth for a little to take a much needed getaway to planet Venus. 

Maddy Ipema

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