New Album Autumn: October Recap

The transition from summer concerts to Christmas music brings out the best in artists from every crevice of the music industry. From album to EP, we break down some of the strongest and most notable releases of the month.

Revolution Radio (via Wikipedia)
Revolution Radio (via Wikipedia)
Green Day, Revolution Radio (October 7)

The familiar angst and rioting voice of the American Idiots return in this 2016 release. What makes this album so good is the visible repurposing of their recognizable past punk ways. Tracks like “Somewhere Now” and “Forever Now” vaguely mirror the genius of “Jesus of Suburbia”. Other gems present throughout the track listing, such as “Outlaws” and “Still Breathing”, broadcast the rebellious and redemptive thematic presence. With “Ordinary World” wrapping up the album’s flaming riot in a blanket of serenity, this album is nothing less than impressive and musically empowering, living up to any standard Green Day has ever led me to set for them.


Walls - Single (via Napster)
Walls – Single (via Napster)
Kings of Leon, WALLS (October 14)

Captivating guitar stylings have always been a strength of this band, and their newest album has something to contribute this fall. WALLS embodies the crisp emotion of pre-winter in the confines of thickly married guitar and drum rhythm pressed within the record. While the title track is certainly the strongest—its vocals layered heavily with feeling in order to encompass the entire work—a similar level of sentiment can be seen through songs like “Waste A Moment” and “Conversation Piece”. All in all, Kings of Leon produce a cohesive entity with believable heart in this one.



Gameshow (via Warner Music)
Gameshow (via Warner Music)
Two Door Cinema Club, Gameshow (October 14)

This indie rock trio uses beats and electronic feel-good tracks as a weapon, back to back and seamlessly throughout this one. There was never a moment within Gameshow that felt forcefully upbeat for the sake of being catchy, as it seems to unfold naturally with their vibing sound. “Are We Ready? (Wreck)”, “Bad Decisions”, and “Fever” lend to the infectious manner with which TDCC can command their unique dance punk genre. With such an anthemic ballad as “Invincible” to anchor the emotional value of it all, this album has something to offer everyone.


Undefeatable (via Napster)
Undefeatable (via Napster)
Young Rising Sons, Undefeatable (October 21)

Where all of the aforementioned have album entirety to contribute to the season of new music, Young Rising Sons bring their own element to the mix with this condensed EP, which is creative growth. Stylistically, Undefeatable is mellowed out for this band’s typically more amped up sound. These three songs offer a new dynamic, with more depth of sound and lyrics projecting a thematic worth from within. The opening track has unity as its message, the middle track encapsulates a personal statement, and the third offers a sweet rendition of Modern English’s “Melt With You”. This EP does what it can to offer a further taste of what the small-but-great Young Rising Sons can do.

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