New Ed Sheeran Singles Nothing Short of Extraordinary

The wait is over. Ed Sheeran has awakened from hiatus status last Friday, when he released two new singles from his anticipated upcoming album, ÷. Spontaneously different than most of his previous works, “Shape of You” and “Castle on the Hill” provide stark contrasts of a revitalized culture of Ed’s classically adored singer-songwriter sound.

Sheeran roused excitement of what could be when he resurfaced on social media on December 12, 2016 after exactly a year of being completely MIA from the public eye. It was practically a given that the enormously gifted and well-loved artist was stirring up greatness in the time he spent away. The two newest singles prove to be the farthest thing from underwhelming, and exemplify an intriguing mix of what is to come.

Shape of You album cover (via Genius)
“Shape of You”

This upbeat track reintroduces the sounds of Sheeran’s first album, +. The low-key nature of its rhythmic addictiveness resembles the likes of “Drunk” and “You Need Me, I Don’t Need You”. Groovy instrumentals mixed with seductively enticing lyrics add a degree of hypnotism. If this catchy song is any indication of the vibe of this third studio album, its gripping and creative playfulness will be inescapable.

Castle on the Hill album cover (via Wikipedia)
“Castle on the Hill”

The lingering power of nostalgia is the key element to this song’s function and resonating impact. Sheeran possesses a way of expanding the capacities of deeply personal songwriting in order to incorporate a feeling of versatility and relatability. Whether it’s a primary goal of this track or not, the need to replay and repeat the soulful intimacy of it all is a strong one.




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