A Spin on Perfection: Billie Eilish Remixes

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Indie/Electropop virtuoso Billie Eilish is a clear revolutionary at the tender age of 15. Her avant-guard and emotional lyrics paired with a hauntingly harmonious voice take her music to the depths of human emotion. This fresh-faced L.A. native is leaving a profound impression on the hearts and minds of listeners, as well as further inspiring the creativity of others. Several producers have already released mixes of her tracks.

Remixes of Billie’s “Six Feet Under” and “Ocean Eyes” can be found on her Spotify & Soundcloud profiles.

These are a few of them:


“Six Feet Under” (Jerry Folk Remix)

Norwegian born Jerry Folk (Gerard Folkestad Taylor) adds a dejected, psychedelic twist to the heartbreaking melody. Synths slowly roll in, like waves on the shores of Billie’s astounding vocals.

“Six Feet Under” (BLU J Remix)

BLU J puts an energetic spin on this track, with a buildup that breaks down into a bouncy House beat. The lighthearted twist is a palatable contrast to the disheartened nature of the lyrics.

“Ocean Eyes” (GOLDHOUSE Remix)

The GOLDHOUSE rendition of this ode of adoration has a pop electricity about it. This dreamy and sentimental track is as uplifting as it is catchy.

“Ocean Eyes” (Cautious Clay Remix)

C’s funky, fantastical take on “Ocean Eyes” is a fresh perspective on the simple and elegant original version. Without taking excessive attention away from Billie’s vocals, this mix is an exemplary culmination of styles and sounds.

Make sure to keep this artist on your radar as she heats up. Her latest song “Bellyache” has yet to be remixed, but is delicious and stirring in its raw form. If you haven’t already heard the originals of the aforementioned songs, know they come highly recommended. We look forward to Billie’s colorful career ahead and for the subsequent inspiration she provides.

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