Cole Bennett’s Lyrical Lemonade Summer Bash

Lyrical Lemonade, founded by Cole Bennett, is a platform to highlight Chicagoland’s various rap artists, which has blown up to become one of the most sought after music video channels on YouTube, offering almost instant fame for any artist featured.

 Lyrical Lemonade Logo

The Plano Illinois Kid started this “empire” as stated by Forbs, his junior year of high school while brain storming in study hall. After figuring out all the details, he rushed home quickly to tell his mother, who of course came up with the name “Lyrical Lemonade”

Production started with hometown artists and friends, however, Bennett quickly took his talents to the City.  Bennett recalls driving into the city every weekend to work and learn with Chicagoland’s top talent.

The time for Bennett to shine came in the form of a behind the scenes video for Famous Dex, Chicago’s most beloved and eccentric Southside Drill rapper. After shooting successfully and independently for Dex, Rap icon Soulja Boy took notice of his videography work, and offered the young director a spot to film.

Next up for Bennett was prominent Chicagoland artists King Louie and Lil Bibby; offering spots to shoot after seeing the star studded success of the Soulja Boy and Famous Dex videos.    

Building off Cole Bennett’s success, while still in high school, he decided to take Lyrical Lemonade a step further and offer a, “Lyrical Lemonade Summer Bash” to ‘put on’ the artists whom he was drawn to.

The first show was held in Chicago, approximately four years ago, was free of charge and offered a maximum capacity of 100 people, in which all spots were taken.

Bennett continued to evolve the brand throughout his senior year of high school and into his early collegiate days at DePaul University.

With the recognizable success of his start up, he did not want to miss out on the opportunity at hand and dropped out of college to pursue his brand full time.

Famous Dex wearing Lyrical Lemonade T-Shirt

Now four years down the line, Bennett has established a name for himself, a trademark logo, a clothing line, a short film, and a long list of collaborations with today’s most successful rap artists.

With his reputation and connections to today’s rap / hip-hop genre, this year’s Lyrical Lemonade Summer Bash is sure to please with all of raps latest head banging performers.

Neither a date nor a lineup has been released yet, however, Bennett tweeted on April 3rd, 2018 that this year’s bash is going to be the best yet, and that Chicago should “be prepared”.

Follow Cole Bennett on Twitter @_ColeBennett_ ; and his Instagram @_colebennett_ to stay in tune with the details, show dates, and listening’s.

You can subscribe to Lyrical Lemonade on YouTube and watch any one of Cole Bennett’s three hundred plus videos and take in the visuals produced on a truly revolutionary level.



Below, are some of Cole Bennett’s top videos, and also a look at his creative direction in the production of his “Catch Me Outside” video with Ski mask the slump god.


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