Five Festival Clothing Trends For 2018

The 2018 music festival season, or “festy season”, is well underway. 


From Ultra, and Coachella, to Okeechobee, and EDC (Las Vegas), the fashion trends have been bright, colorful and whimsical, much like the festivals themselves.

Flower crowns, “rave bras” and basketball jerseys may still be seen at festivals, however, the festy fashion culture has fully embraced freedom of expression.


Here are 5 Festival Clothing Trends:


  1. Pashminas

    These versatile scarfs come in a variety of patterns and colors.  Great for when you want something to keep you a little warmer once the sun goes down.  A quick Amazon search will provide many different options to choose from.

    Credits: Quora.com


  2. Bodysuits

    Worn on its’ own or accompanied by fishnets, a skirt, or shorts – this wardrobe staple can be found in many different patterns, colors and styles with a quick Google search. The one below can be found here.

    Credits: Ravewonderland.com


  3. Lounge Shorts

    Men have embraced freedom of expression too.  Bright, comfortable and funky patterned “lounge shorts” have become a wardrobe staple.

    Credits: chubbiesshorts.com


  4. Pasties

    Attendees can agree, festivals are full of good vibes and are generally judgement free.  Many women are feeling comfortable in their own skin and are seen wearing pasties.  These stickers come in all different shapes, patterns and colors.

    Credits: iHeartRaves.com


  5. Knit Halter Tops

    These tops are wonderful because they can be worn with practically anything – shorts, jeans, skirts, “rave” booty shorts.  The light-weight fabric makes them perfect for the heat of summer, and they can be found in a multitude of colors. If you’re feeling crafty, a quick Google search can lead you to patterns to make your own!

    Credits: Zibbet.com


To find the trends listed above, we suggest visiting iheartraves.com, etsy.com, chubbiesshorts.com, amazon.com, ravewonderland.com, zibbet.com, or by a quick Google search.

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