GRiZ Breaks Silence with Two New Songs

Electronic producer and DJ GRiZ ended a yearlong hiatus on Thursday with the release of two new songs. The first, “It Gets Better,” is an upbeat encouragement. The second, “Can’t Get Enough,” a swaggering song based around a more aggressive beat. Both songs feature instrumental melodies from keyboards and sax-laden choruses that GRiZ is known for.

After staying mute on social media, GRiZ built anticipation with several mysterious posts that read “INCOMING TRANSMISSION” followed by the time until the songs’ release. These posts have since been deleted and GRiZ’s Instagram account now shows a single post announcing the new songs.

It Gets Better,” featuring rapper DRAM and a kids choir from Chicago, delivers verses about overcoming adversity and keeping that all important positive mental attitude, a notion that feels more important than ever given today’s onslaught of disheartening news.

DRAM is joined by soulful backup vocals and a chorus of cheery voices that chant along with him through the chorus, which GRiZ described as full of “drippy goodness” in a Facebook live stream.

Can’t Get Enough” takes that positivity and channels it into an EDM rock song with serious attitude. The song opens with a delicious pairing of bass and a catchy acoustic guitar riff.

GRiZ, who plays multiple instruments, makes his vocal debut on this track. In promotional videos for the project, GRiZ, born Grant Kwiecinski, delivered spoken-word poetry in front of a wall of TV screens displaying various cultural images. Now fans can hear his voice as he lays down some laid-back verses on his newest track.  

“I killed myself but I ain’t dead.

Cuz I love someone don’t love me back.”


“I made a million, gonna make some more.

I got the keys, need to lock some doors.”

You’ll be hooked long before the first deep “time to boogie” announces the beat drop.

With his funky two-song release, GRiZ breaks a year of silence with an uplifting anthem and a soulful salute to self esteem.

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